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Five Must Have Kitchen Gadgets for The Holidays

The Holidays are here, and with them comes holiday baking in all it’s glory – pumpkin, apple, maple, caramel, peppermint, mocha… the flavors and varieties are endless! Today I’m highlighting some baking products that are sure to make your holiday baking a bit easier! Below is a list of my five must have kitchen gadgets for this holiday season!

Silpat Premium Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mat

This silicone baking mat from Silpat is quite the little gem. It’s food-grade silicone and fiberglass principals makes any pan non-stick without the need to grease. This mat is ideal to use in place of parchment paper, perfect for danishes, biscuits, and cookies. And it doesn’t just work for baking, but food prep in general. It can just as easily go in the freezer and microwave, as it can the oven. Best part? Easy clean up! No more scrubbing those baking pans, simply wash with dish soap and hot water. The mat is great for storing as well, you can easily lay it flat with your other baking pans, or can roll it up to fit in a smaller space.

Dreamfarm Supoon

This Supoon{sit up scraper + spoon} by Dreamfarm is genius! We’ve all faced the issue of where to place the spoon when cooking. Put it on the counter and it makes a mess, leave it in the pot, only to realize you’ve melted the handle, or get out the spoon rest, dirtying up one more dish that will need to be washed. The Supoon solves that issues, providing a spoon that sits up off the counter. And while that’s a great feature in itself, my favorite part is that you can scrape the side of the bowl as you stir – the flexible spoon makes for a great spatula, eliminating the need for both a spoon and spatula. Supoon is also safe to use on non-stick cookware thanks to its silicone tip {heat-resistant to 260-DegreeC/500-DegreeF}. SO, to recap, this nifty supoon lets you scrape, stir, mix, scoop and serve using the same spoon, which equals less clean up AND it’s dishwasher safe! <– Buy it!

KitchenIQ V-etched Spice Grater

Truthfully, I’ve never had a space grater. But after using the KitchenIQV-etched Spice Grater, I’m hooked! I’ve got a great Pumpkin Whoopie Pie recipe to share with you next week, and grating cinnamon sticks for a little fresh ground cinnamon was such a delight {and smelled so good}! The unique design of the V-etched blades grates the hardest of spices with minimal effort. And the tip of the blade offers wider holes, allowing you to shake the fresh ground spices directly from the grater, perfect for topping a dessert or festive drink.

Casabella Butterfly Duo Scraper

The Casabella Butterfly Duo Scraper has both soft and hard edges, making it ideal as a scraper or spatula. It works perfectly to scrap the cookie dough from the side of the bowl, as well as lift the cookies off the baking sheet once they’ve baked and cooled. When it comes to kitchen gadgets, space is often limited, so anything that provides more than one function is instantly ranked higher on my list. The duo scraper folds up for easy storage and is dishwasher safe.

Dreamfarm Levoons

And last but not least, Levoons, which are brilliant little leveling measuring spoons. They look like regular measuring spoons but have a small handle you squeeze to make a scraper swipe across and push off all the excess ingredients, resulting in the perfect measurement. They easily snap together for nesting storage, or can be broken apart to wash separately if needed. I also love that they have the measurement listed in both millimeters and teaspoons/tablespoons. And best of all – like the other gadgets, these little leveling spoons are dishwasher safe.

As I mentioned above, I made these delightful Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free Pumpkin Whoopie Pies using these handy kitchen gadgets and loved experiencing the convenience of each product. I’ll be sharing those photos along with the recipe later this week, so stay tuned!

And if you’re still figuring out your menu or recipes for this years Thanksgiving and Christmas get-togethers, Lifestyle Collective by AOL has put together a magazine full of dinner, dessert, and cocktail recipes {along with beautiful Fall tablescape ideas} to help inspire you this holiday season!

Check out the following pages to see my featured recipes! Page 13 – Roasted Sweet Potato and Brussels Sprout Salad, Pages 16 & 17 Delicata Squash with Dried Cranberries and Quinoa, Page 23 Whole Wheat Butternut Squash Biscuits, and Page 49 Grain-Free Apple Crumble Pie and Salted Caramel Ice Cream


These products were provided by Coaction PR. All opinions are my own, and I truly love their baking products. Thank you for supporting the sponsors who keep Lemons and Basil in action!