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Brighton’s New Big Boy Room – A World of Adventure

I know my little space here on Lemons and Basil is primarily focused on sharing healthy recipes, but it’s also become a place for me to document things for our growing family. If kids rooms aren’t something of interest to you, I completely get it – rest assure I’ll be back with a new tasty recipe to share soon!

But for those of you who wouldn’t mind a peak into our home, here is Brighton’s New “Big Boy” Room. Due to the room size and layout, we decided to move Brighton to a new room {our previous guest bedroom} and make a few changes to his old room for Adelaide. I’m so thankful to say he’s made the transition an easy one. As the room came together over several days, we continued to share with him that this was his new room {insert excited voice here}, and by the time we were ready to make the transition, he was so excited.

I realize calling it a big boy room might be a little odd seeing as he’ll still be sleeping in a full crib, but it’s a room we hope he can grow into for years. And of course, the crib converts. Thankfully he’s not trying to climb out at this time, and truthfully I’d like to keep it that way! Converting it to the toddler rail now, seems like an invitation for an unnecessary challenge. A new room with a soon-to-be new baby sister seems like enough change/challenge at one time.

I can’t really say we have a theme, other than we wanted it to be a place that encourages adventure, whatever that may look like for him. Hence the maps, which are of places Josh and I have traveled together before Brighton was born, places we’ve taken him, and states or areas we’ve lived in/were born in. We also included a map of the UK because of the city Brighton in England, and one of Australia because Adelaide is the capital city of South Australia. We wanted to use maps that had meaning to us and would be a source of learning for him over the years.

We’re so thankful for this home, I find myself so often in awe of the Lord’s provision. We’ve already created so many sweet memories here, and I truly cannot wait to experience the new ones we will soon create as our family grows from three to four. So very blessed.

Note the empty workbench below, that’s actually part of his upcoming birthday present. Since we went ahead and put it in his new room now, a few weeks before his birthday {August 8th}, we’re holding off on adding all the fun tools and pieces that go with it.